Advisory Board


MNR Educational Trust for the past 4 ½ decades has established several institutions in various fields. Along the line, it has recognized that an advisory board is crucial for the growth and success of the Trust. The Trust’s Advisory board is well composed and structured and often gave valuable and high-quality advice in crucial junctions. It has indeed enhanced and helped in steering and contributing to the success of the Trust.

An Advisory board is a representative group of intellectuals whose primary purpose is to assist educators in establishing, operating, and evaluating programs that help, serve, and fulfill the requirements of students, business, and industry. It also provides advice and expertise about high-technological changes in the particular field.

An Advisory board is a body that provides non-binding strategic advice to a corporation, foundation, or Trust. It gives assistance and advice in various fields like marketing, managing human resources, and functioning, etc. MNR Trust has always taken the advisory board’s thoughtful advice seriously and also implement’s because it cares for student’s future, their career growth, and also the Trust’s future.

The Trust’s Advisory board is comprised of members who are skilled in the Education, and Medical sectors, and who are Software, and financial experts, and Risk analytics. All the Advisory board meetings are presided by Chairman Sri M. N. Raju and Vice-Chairman Sri Ravi Varma Mantena. The Advisory board members who are sought by the Trust are eminent and have personal attributions.