About Us


The Nation on 15th August 1974 not only commemorated the anniversary of India’s independence but also witnessed the beginning of a new chapter within the annals of India’s education in the state of Telangana.

This eventful day saw the birth of MNR Educational Trust, founded by Sri M. N. Raju, Chairman of MNR Educational Group. He perceived and believed the idea of a network of MNR institutions long before it was given a concrete shape. Since then he has been the guiding and motivating force that continues to inspire his dedicated staff members and the ever-growing numbers of the student community.

MNR Educational Trust is established to enrich lives through quality education. It has charted a path of molding the students into competent future experts and successful professionals who cooperate and contribute to make the world a better place.

The legacy of the Trust is built on a student-centric approach that involves honing their inherent skills and addressing their psychological and spiritual needs. To impart quality education and academic growth Sri M. N. Raju along with the strong rock-like support of Sri Ravi Varma Mantena, overcame many challenges and steered the Trust by establishing several institutions in various fields.


The philosophy of Sri M. N. Raju is ‘to enrich lives through quality education’, and shape them into competent and dignified citizens of this great nation, by highly emphasizing honing their innate skills and addressing their psychological and spiritual needs.

His rich and varied experience has helped the group to evolve into a unique student-centric teaching approach. This teaching approach has been able to transform the students into competent professionals that can build successful careers in life.


In all these years, MNR Educational Group has made an indelible mark in the education sector with our Chairman Sri M. N. Raju at the helm of affairs and the rock like support of our Vice-Chairman Sri Ravi Varma Mantena.

Sri Ravi Varma has imbibed the legacy of Sri M. N. Raju and is working for the holistic development of the Trust. He accepted the responsibility with great enthusiasm and picked up the baton cheerfully, and combined with his dynamic leadership skills and sheer intelligence steered and accelerated the growth of the Trust.

Over the years He has faced many challenges. However, with his optimistic and pragmatic growth approach, took bold initiatives, and with timely wise decisions overcame all hurdles and challenges and has given this nation a modern Takshashila imparting value education. Today we are proud to see that MNR has become a household name in the Education sector.


MNR has started with a small beginning with a small school in 1974, in Hyderabad. Eventually, this small ripple has revolutionized the educational system and became synonymous with quality education.

Now MNR with its 78 institutions imparting education from "KG to PG", has become one of the rapidly developing educational groups in South India, spreading its wings to North India and abroad. MNR is offering diversified courses, allowing the students to choose their dream course.

Many students have completed their courses and became professionals leading successful careers and now more than 49,000 students are pursuing their educational careers at MNR, making it one of the premier educational groups in the country.


MNR Higher Education and Research Academy (MNR-HERA) campus at Sangareddy, Telangana State, is spread over 110 acres, the entire campus is constructed with an aesthetic touch, marked by huge trees, paved pathways, and greenery all around, lending a serene atmosphere to this austere abode of education. It provides the best of facilities to the students to make them comfortable and stress-free and can have a memorable stay.

MNR-HERA houses all Medical Education Institutions promoted by MNR Educational Trust. The Medical and Dental Colleges with Teaching Hospitals offering Graduation, Postgraduation, Diploma and Certificate Courses in Medicine & Dentistry.

Also, Colleges offering Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Paramedical Courses, Ayurvedic Medical College, Homeopathic Medical College, Engineering & Technology College, and the Medical research center are all housed on the same campus.


The main aim of MNR Educational Trust establishing Medical/Dental College & Hospital and other institutions at Sangareddy, Telangana State, is to serve the rural people, especially the poor, down-trodden, and the weaker section of society. Overall it is aiming for rural transformation.

Eminent and dedicated doctors, nurses, lab technicians, and teaching professors who are highly qualified with decades of experience are the backbone of these Institutions.

The highly qualified and dedicated MNR Medical team always strives to improve the health standards of the rural people by bringing awareness and making the health system more effective and responsive to the needs of the people. They have a strong determination to deliver the best to the people and the student community.


MNR Educational Trust’s vision proclamation echoes our steadfastness to be at the forefront of providing quality education to enrich lives that eventually shape our nation’s future. It also aims to evolve into a center of excellence in Medical Science, Engineering & Technology, through creative and innovative practices in teaching, learning, and promoting academic achievement & research excellence. To produce internationally accepted, competitive and world-class professionals who are professionally strong and emotionally balanced, imbued with social consciousness and ethical values.


The MNR Educational Trust’s mission is to provide a student-centric learning environment to all the students and to be the leader in helping individuals and organizations to enhance their academic effectiveness. To make the mission possible, it is pursuing balanced excellence that links theory with practice in teaching and research that are highly innovative, and high-tech based, precise and relevant to international standards.


MNR Educational Trust continuously aspires and strives to establish a system of Quality Assurance, which would continuously evaluate and monitor the quality of education and training imparted at all MNR institutions. It takes necessary steps to improve the teaching-learning process, and to inculcate technological competence, discipline and professional dignity to all our students. Finally, the overall goal is to develop each institution as a Centre of Excellence for quality Education and Research.